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Color Love

Ahhh…. color… the way it can create light, form and space all at the same time endlessly fascinates me. Click on any image for a slideshow.

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Some Gals

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I’m starting to see some fun/interesting potential in combining individual drawings that I’ve made recently, like these 2. What is their story?

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Pen and Ink

I’ve been experimenting with using a brush pen and and an ink pen in the same drawing. It creates some wonderful markmaking contrasts right off the bat that I love. Pentel makes a relatively inexpensive brush pen called a pocket brush pen that has a seductive, responsive feel. I have a number of different sizes and colors of the Pigma Micron archival ink pens that I’ve been using as my go-to pens for sketching. This drawing paired the Pentel brush pen with a .03 ink pen.

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Dance Fever

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Everybody’s Worried

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Lovin’ the Birds

Birds are a favorite thing to draw. They have so much character and presence…  Click on any thumbnail for a slideshow.

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Monkey Gaze

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